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Miele Vacuums

The Miele brand means durability, reliability, and security. Miele has for 107 years
manufactured the highest product quality for appliances and vacuums.
"Made in Germany" is a promise of quality and Miele strives to fulfill the high requirements of their
customers and provide them with appliances of the highest quality and tested
durability to make their lives more comfortable.

Miele vacuum cleaners not only offer every state-of-the-art feature for the allergic household,
 but they are also built to last for 20 years. When you invest in a Miele vacuum cleaner,
you can rest assured that you're investing in lasting quality.

We are pleased to be a Miele Diamond Dealer at all three locations.
With Diamond Dealer distinction from Miele; we are able to offer
exclusive products that you will find only in our stores.

Miele Capricorn Miele Earth Miele Leo Miele Gemini
UniQ Marian Kona Alize
Miele Callisto Miele Libra    
Calima Cat & Dog    
Miele Quartz Miele Onyx Miele Topaz  
Quartz Onyx  Topaz  
Miele Olympus Miele Delphi Miele Titan Miele Capri
 Olympus Delphi   Titan Capri
Miele Twist Miele Cat and Dog Miele Jazz Miele Bolero
Twist Cat & Dog Jazz Bolero
Miele Swing Miele AutoEco    
Swing AutoEco    
Stick Vacuum      
Miele S 194 Quickstep Universal Upright      
S 194 Quickstep