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Sewing Furniture

Lee’s Creative Sewing & Vacuums can meet your sewing furniture needs. If we do not have what you need,
on the floor; we will be glad to order.
The answer to the questions below; will ensure
your getting the right furniture. 

Before coming in to look at cabinets; we will need the following information.
What brand and model is your machine?
How much space do you have?
What type of sewing do you do?
What is your budget for sewing furniture?

Remember, sewing furniture is a plus to any sewing room. Sewing furniture is designed at a higher height
than other furniture. This will allow you to have the maximum comfort in sewing.  Goodbye back pain. Also,
a cabinet makes sewing more convent. Choose from one of our solid wood lines or a more economical line.
We will me glad to answer any questions in your decision making.  We want you to have your dream space.


We have these great lines to select from.